"I'm telling you these people are Satanists. As I sit here, they are satanists. Look, look, the world is full of these kind of things - black masses, mutilations. Mutilations! The incubus, the succubus - I'm tellin' you, Walter was a human sacrifice."

Art Weingartner (played by Rick Ducommun) is Ray's friend and wacky neighbor and the second protagonist of the film.

The 'burbsEdit

At the beginning, Art was trying to shoot a crow but ends up shooting a stone owl and takes out the lights. He then has breakfast with Ray and his family while talking about the Klopeks. As he and Ray were about to check out some new tools, Art sees Hans coming out of his house to get the paper and after Ray got upset, he and Art went to knock on the door only to let the bees sting them.

Later after his recovery, he was hanging out with Ricky on his porch when they saw Ray briefly walking his dog and told a story about Skip. Then he and Ray went with Lt. Mark Rumsfield to spy on the Klopeks when they suddenly saw a flash of sparks coming from the basement. Then he Ray and Mark hid behind garbage cans as Hans Klopek came driving up to the curb bashing garbage with a stick and then driving back into the garage but their search in the hope of finding human remains is futile.