"Its a femur... it's a femur bone. A femur happens to be a human thigh bone, Ray. I mean, look at the size of this thing. You think this came off a chicken or something?"
―Art on the Femur

Ray and Art examine the bone.

A Femur is a human thigh bone. It is the thickest and largest bone in the human body, and is as thick as a steel plate.

The 'BurbsEdit

While digging under the Klopek fence, Vince discovers a bone. Thinking nothing of this, Art throws it only to later discover that it is a real bone, claiming it to be a human femur, which he knew because it's Anatomy 101.

The Femur came from one of The Knapps, although they originally thought it to belong to Walter Seznick.


The 'burbs (6 10) Movie CLIP - The Femur (1989) HD

The 'burbs (6 10) Movie CLIP - The Femur (1989) HD