Bonnie finds Queenie

Queenie is Walter Seznick's dog.

The 'BurbsEdit

A French poodle, Queenie is a large part in the film.

Having been trained to do its business on Mark's lawn, which only keeps Walter's looking better, it is established early on that Mark hates the thing, threatening to capture it and staple its anus shut. Queenie is later found roaming around the neighborhood after Walter disappears, so it is looked after by Ray. Later in this film, after Walter came back from the hospital along with his family members, Queenie returns home where she belongs. Near the end of the film, Queenie did the same thing on Mark's lawn, though this time, Hans accidentally steps on Queenie's doo-doo and trips, making it easier for Mark to stop Hans and captures him for good, with a help from a friend (or fiend), Queenie.