"Ricky, get this lame-o out of your yard!"
―Mark Rumsfield on Steve.

Steve Kuntz is Ricky's best friend.

He is portrayed by Nick Katt.

The 'BurbsEdit

Steve works at McDonald's as his part time job. When Ricky invited him and his friends over to watch Ray, Art, and Rumsfield scavenge the Klopeks' house, he started to become amused by all the damage that was being caused. Shortly after he first arrived, Steve asked Rumsfield if something interesting would happen because he had to go to work in half an hour, but Rumsfield told Ricky to "get this lame-o out of [his] yard". Steve later asked Ricky if he could go get some quarter pounders but Ricky said that he had to stay, with promises of pizza. After the Klopek house explodes, he remarks that Ricky threw a real party. At the end he, Ricky and the other teens ate pizza.

Steve never did show up at work.