Walter and Queenie.

"Good girl. That lawn needed fertilizing, anyway, "
―Walter Seznick to Queenie, who previously fertilizing on Rumsfield's lawn.

Walter Seznick (played by the late great Gale Gordon) is a grumpy old man who lives on Mayfield place.


He is apparently divorced because he has a daughter and spends all of his time taking care of his lawn and his dog Queenie.

Early in the film, he has a heart-attack and calls his daughter, who comes and takes him to the hospital. The next day, Queenie is found roaming around the neighborhood and Ray takes care of the dog after looking in Walter's house. Mark says that because Walter left his toupee, he must have left in a big hurry. Some of the neighbors jump to the conclusion that the Klopeks have killed Walter and disposed of his corpse. This belief is only reaffirmed after they find Walter's topee and magazines inside the Klopek residence.

However, at the end of the film they find that Walter has returned alive and well, and that the Klopeks were only receiving his mail, having retrieved the toupee as well.